Water Tag Rentals


(6) Water Tag Vests and Guns: $79 Picked Up

Medina Bounce and OMG are proud to present a very affordable, safe, and FUN way to spend a hot summer day!  Our Water Tag Rentals come with vests and water guns with pressurized tanks that shoot up to 40ft!  Each vest has perforations that allow water collect in the front…whoever has the least water in their vest at the end of the battle wins. 

Slip n Slides

28′ Slip n Side: $189 Picked Up, Add $65 For Delivery / Set-up / Tear Down

Our most popular inflatable rental by FAR last summer during the hot-stretch were our Slip n Slides.  They sell out quickly, so plan ahead!  They are just like the Slip n Slides of old, except you no longer have to worry about jumping onto the hard ground…they’re inflatable!  Kids and adults alike will enjoy this one for hours on end.