Medina Dunk Tank Rentals

Dunk Tanks 

$249 Picked Up, $69 Delivery, Set-up, & Tear-down

This Medina Bounce classic will fit in the back of an SUV or pick-up and can be assembled in less than 20 minutes.  It will fit in any gate or doorway!  Allow 45-75 minutes to fill up this dunk tank after assembly! It is made of several 42″ x 42″ sections as well as a flexible & collapsible bladder.

Big Splash Dunk Tank Alternative 

  $159 Picked Up, $69 Delivery Set-up & Tear-down

Throw a ball at the target, and the person in the “hot-seat” is going to get wet.  This is excellent if the dunk tank doesn’t work well in your venue – it’s very easily transported, safe, and a whole lot of fun.  Allow at least 30 minutes for assembly and ensure that you have a hose & water source available for the entire event.