Carnival Games

Midway Carnival Game Packages

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We offer a wide array of traditional midway carnival games. Please visit our main site for more information!

Inflatable Carnival Games

$149 each Picked Up (Basketball, Tee-ball, Knock-em Down, Hot Potato)

Our inflatable carnival games are a great value; they take up a lot of space, are inexpensive, dynamic and are guaranteed to add fun to any event.

  • Basketball Carnival Game – Much different than the traditional double-shot (pop-a-shot) basketball game, our inflatable hoop is great for all ages.
  • Tee-ball Carnival Game – The ball is floating!  It hovers above the tee, and players try to smash it through several holes for different scores.  The floating balls are always a hit!
  • Knock ’em Down Carnival Game – This is a twist on the old classic.  Instead of knocking down scary-looking clowns with softballs, you aim for the floating balls  above their heads! That’s right…the balls float!
  • Hot Potato Carnival Game – This unique game pits two players head-to-head.  The goal is to manipulate the cones and air-streams to move the floating ball to the end of the course as quickly as possible.  It’s new, it’s unique, and it’s addicting!

Multi-Sport Carnival Game

$249 Picked Up, Add $69 for Delivery, Set-up & Tear Down

Participants can choose from 5 sports: baseball, basketball, football, soccer, frisbee/darts.  This unit is BIG, and needs a space 24′ L x 17′ W x 13′ H.